Apartments for rent Amsterdam centre: How to Find a Perfect Home

amsterdamLooking for a perfect home in the Netherlands? There are apartments for rent located at the centre of Amsterdam that suits your budget.

Since Amsterdam is considered home to big international companies, many businessmen, tourists, and students fall in love with this place. Aside from businesses, this beautiful city is a centre of attractions like famous canals, museums, and more. The cost of living is lower compared to New York City and London.

Finding an apartment to live in Amsterdam can be daunting, especially for expats. The high population density and complicated rules when it comes to social housing causes a shortfall when it comes to rental properties at the average prices. Check the Amsterdam apartments for rent by Region Apartments.

This guide to find a perfect place for you in Amsterdam.

Check your housing options

Although lots of different options when renting apartments in the centre of Amsterdam, not all of these options are practical for the expats. Most rental properties are in social housing which is eligible only for families earning below a certain fixed income.

Even though, you are qualified for the social housing, you still need to wait for a longer period time to be listed. If you are an expat who just arrived in the city, this is very tough for you. You will end up waiting for a decade to get your social housing in the centre of Amsterdam. In this case, most expats consider private market.


Rents in private market are not controlled by the government. However, it will cost a lot of money compared to social housing.

Private rentals are mostly unfurnished. Meaning, the floor has no tiles or coverings, no curtains, no appliances and sometimes no lighting fixtures.

If there is no lighting fixtures, it is best to negotiate it to your landlord or another option is to purchase lighting equipments but consult your landlord first.

It is interesting because when you move out, you have to return the property to its original appearance or what is written in the agreement between you and the owner. In this case, you need to remove the carpets, lights, or just leave it for a donation.

Unfurnished property is ideal for people who want to stay long term.

If you want to stay in Amsterdam for a short period of time, it is best to find a furnished apartment.

Student housing and Flatshares

Private housing is a bit expensive in Amsterdam. For students and for those travellers who want a cheaper rent, a flatshare is the best option.

Flat shares are good for group of friends. If you are a solo traveller and you want to rent in a flatshare with other group of people, the best way to find,  is to post on Facebook groups. Narrow your search by typing “flatshare available for rent in the centre of Amsterdam”

Also, search for room rentals in Google. Room rental is a better option for a solo traveller who wants privacy during his stay.

Where is the best location to stay in Amsterdam?

Of course, the best location to stay is in the centre portion of Amsterdam. However, the apartments for rent in Amsterdam centre has a higher rental rate compared to other places.

If you want a cheaper accommodation, go for places a bit far from the city centre.

Districts city centre

You might find it amusing to visit the Grachtengordel. This is a historic centre of the city. The price of the apartments here are expensive but you have a chance to roam around the city while canvassing for the price of the apartments.

Although the prices of apartments for rent at the centre of Amsterdam is  costly, it is still competitive when compared to other countries.